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100% Handmade Fresh Pie!!!!!!!!!

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With respect to our tradition and in strict compliance with every production process required under the certification FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION 22000, we create unique and high quality handmade pies.

Our team, with love and dedication to quality and homemade taste, try every day their best to build our distinguished name which is inextricably linked to traditional and handmade without preservatives pie.

With special care, selecting the best fresh ingredients, committed to our professional standards and high degree of responsibility, we produce daily our perfect handmade pies of such high quality, that bring memories to mind memories of "traditional" masterpieces of our culture.


First Stage:

The "journey" in our tradition and culture, starts from the very first stage of the production process. The best quality flour is kneaded with the "essence" of the Greek diet - extra virgin olive oil - and following a handmade processing turns into crispy pastry sheets, just as our mother, grandmother, aunt did.

Second Stage:

The best and the freshest ingredients are tested according to the procedures required by the quality assurance and selected by experienced and qualified personnel. Without the addition of any preservatives or any pigment, are combined in delicious and authentic fillings that stand out for their freshness and rich aromas.

Third Stage:

Although we have made thousands of pies, each one is Handmade with personal care and enthusiasm as if it is the first. Our knowledge and long term experience, combined with the traditional method and excellent standards "conspire" to a handmade perfection that amazes you every time.

Fourth Stage:

The attention to detail, love for the product and the responsibility we feel toward anyone who wants to enjoy SAROGLOU Pies, contribute to an excellent result, which puts on daily temptations consumers of all ages.